Rod Kennedy, founder of the Kerrville Folk Festival:
"If he's not one of the great American songwriters, I don't know who is."

Rich Warren, Midnight Special, WFMT Chicago:
"One of the great undiscovered treasures of contemporary American folk music... a refreshing divergence from the trend..."

Folk Roots Magazine (UK): "…natural grace inspired by love of the land…an acoustic opportunity to drift away to a simpler lifestyle…"

Jim Tarbox, St. Paul Pioneer Press: "… an unerring ear for sounds of the prairie…sounds like my great-aunt and -uncle's Iowa farmhouse smelled -hard-soap/fresh bread/tractor grease…FOUR STARS"

Mike Flynn, the Folk Sampler: "…songs filled with nice people as well as hope and love."

Dirty Linen Folk and World Music Magazine: "Ya gotta love this guy, he writes a fine song, plays a solid guitar, sings with rare confidence, and lives his material. …insights on the interior of human life."

Acoustic Guitar Magazine: "…his mature voice hovers over the Great Plains like heat ripples above summer blacktop. This is country music with its fingers in the soil and its heart heading down the highway on an Indian motorcycle."

Boston Globe: "A man with a rich wide-open-spaces voice."

Gaynor Johnson, Crossroads Magazine: "Chuck Suchy has been one of the shining lights of the Upper Great Plains folk scene for many years now. His well-crafted songs deal with the family, home, and working the land."

Tom May, River City Folk radio show: "your songs are what this music is all about, Chuck."